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Our Freedom Heroes

Distinguished Guests

My fellow County Citizens

Ladies and Gentlement

Today is the 52nd Jamuhuri day of our nation. We join you all my County men and women to commemorate this day with mixture of joy and sadness. We are joyous because the people of Kenya have freedom, but we are sad nonetheless because we miss great men like Masinde Muliro Wa Makinia and Michael Kijana Wamalwa among others, trailblazers of global peace and reconciliation whose mortal journeys ended while on duty fearlessly and selflessly fighting for equality and dignity. Kenya, the world over and indeed Trans-Nzoia County will continue to miss their wise counsel, resilience and unmatched spirit of forgiveness.

My Fellow Citizens

Today we are proud that Kenya plays a leading role in regional and global affairs politically, economically and socially. We pray that God almighty will continue to bless the souls of all men and women who sacrificed their time, finance and even their lives to see our country reach where it is now. May God Almighty continue to guide H.E president Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto, Governors in all counties and the great people of Kenya as they pursue greater national harmony as well as economic and political progress.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jamuhuri day celebration is therefore facilitating and celebrating Kenyan narratives of the past, present and future that will enthuse and energize the citizens to use their constructive energy to accelerate a forward working agenda of devolution in the 21st century. Indeed, in its preamble our constitution recognizes the role of God and that of our freedom fighters, as well as that of our culture and its diversity among others. We are bound to one constitution which calls us to rise above our individual ideologies. It calls us to reflect in the power of peace, to recall the supreme value of freedom, to believe once more in the beauty of service and brotherhood, to aspire each day, to the dignity that results from hard work and content for the hope that justice brings.

Ladies and Gentlemen

On this day in 1963, when our founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta led the nation to self rule, our journey to prosperity and progress began. The history of Kenya’s struggle for independence is perhaps one of the most inspiring accounts of a people’s determination to overcome colonial ,domination ,oppression and suppression. Today we celebrate the dividends of freedom and liberty. We remember proudly heroes and heroines of our freedom struggle and even more to those who laid down their lives for us to enjoy sovereignity, peace and liberty. I am confident that through our hard work we can transform our country and take our rightful place among the free and prosperous nations of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen

On this anniversary, I thank you all for demonstrating political maturity, patriotism and commitment to hard work. We should continue upholding the values which have enabled us to overcome many challenges and to remain strong and united as we move forward. In particular I commend you for conducting yourselves peacefully and for demonstrating tolerance and respect for divergent views as regards implementation of devolution. In this regard, let us always endeavor to rise above narrow partisan interest and embrace the broader county interest, which would determine the rhythm of development for our county. Let us not waste our energies on unproductive policies. We need to learn to concede political issues and move on. Let us direct our energies to productive activities that impact positively in the well being of each and everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen

My government has over the last two years continued to pursue its economic and social objectives as highlighted in the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP).Our efforts have borne fruits as indicated by improved performance of various sectors of the economy.

The revitalization of the agricultural sector comprises a key component of our effort in promoting a vibrant private sector. The aim of my government is to transform agricultural sector especially maize from a largely subsistence activity to a profitable, commercially oriented and internationally competitive enterprise. To this end a feasibility study is complete and a report delivered by ICDC on establishment of a maize milling plant. I am glad to note that the sector has recorded a sustained growth for the last two years. As a County we have recorded phenomenal success in a number of areas.

Ladies and gentlemen

My government will continue to implement measures to promote agriculture to increase maize production which is our staple food. The largest success in agriculture is maize productivity as a result of application of mavuno fertilizer.The government will continue to support maize farmers through provision of affordable farm inputs and endeavor to stabilize producer prices through National Cereals and Produce Board(NCPB). The government has put in place strategies to implement agricultural diversification program to cover coffee, horticulture, chilli and chicken.

My government will continue to implement measures to promote the livestock subsector through creation of disease free zones and construction of satellite cattle dips and abattoirs to Improve market access to livestock products at the local level.

The delivery and installation of ten milk coolers to ten corporative societies has been hailed. As a result of this, milk output has increased by 35% in the last one year. This sector is once again providing employment and livelihood to thousands of our people.

Ladies and gentlemen

For over five decades, Kitale town has been going to sleep at 6.00pm. I am now glad to see a busy Kitale town beyond 9.00 p.m. Our streets are now well lit and safe courtesy of our collaboration with Kenya Power company. Establishment of high mast lighting in several business centre to enhance business and security is ongoing. I encourage our businessmen and women and other investors to invest in Kitale to grow our beautiful city.

My fellow citizens,

Over five decades we have lost lives when taking our critically ill patients to our neighbouring County. Today, there is hope as construction of our referral hospital is on course and by next year it will be partially operational. We are in talks with universities that provide medical education and once operational we shall establish teaching of medicine within our referral hospital.

Ladies and gentlemen

In one of our flagship projects, yesterday I undertook an official ground breaking ceremony for a modern bus park that will cost about 288 Million shillings. Indeed it has been a while and in this regard I thank the business community for bearing with us and in the next six months or so, great work will be realized.

Ladies and gentlemen;

Over five decades, our people have lived as squatters without title deeds. As we speak, over 1500 title deeds have been allocated with full sponsorship of the County government. We shall continue working closely with the national government to ensure that over 70% farmers acquire title deeds by 2017.

Over five decades, poor households have been unable to finance education for their bright children. Today, over 10,000 children have benefited from the bursary scheme at a cost of over 100 Million. My government will continue to promote quality education, skills and technology acquisition.

In an effort to ensure that the county gets safe drinking water, drilling of boreholes is ongoing in areas that do not access gravity water. More service lines will be constructed to ensure all corners of the county is covered and safe water provided.

Ladies and gentlemen

We all realize that sports is an emerging employment destination for our youth across the globe. In an effort to support teams to participate in various competitions, my government has acquired a bus to facilitate easy movement and access to opportunities across the county and the borders. A s a result, atleast 25 teams will be established and strengthened to tap talent across all wards.

My government in collaboration with other counties in the North Rift has established a common front to champion for investment in the region. This initiative was affirmed by the recent first NOREB (North Rift economic Block) investment conference held in Eldoret that was very successful. By the end of the conference, over 80 billion worth investment had been pledged by investors from all over the world. As an extension of the same, we are planning for Transnzoia County investment forum early next year in collaboration with the national chamber of commerce. I urge all friends of the county to mobilize and attract investors to our county and we shall ensure conducive business environment.

Ladies and gentlemen;

I would like to reiterate that safety and disaster preparedness will always be our area of priority. A number of counties have been hit by El Nino effects worst of ever experienced. Our county has not been spared either. I thank my disaster management team together with Red Cross for their concerted effort to rescue lives and help rebuild destroyed properties. This cannot be a government affair only and in this regard, I thank neighbours to the affected for the assistance. God bless you all.

Ladies and gentlemen

Employment creation has been high on our agenda. Youth, women and people living with disability have my focus. I urge this groups to form groups, register businesses and companies in order to tap the 30% government procurement opportunities. I have noticed that some areas have not mobilized the youth into vibrant activities.I therefore urge all leaders from all corners to champion this cause. My government will extend financial assistance to youth through their Sacco’s to expand investments. Similarly those groups that get procurement opportunities can access available government funds.

Once again Ladies and Gentlemen

I thank you for taking time to come and join us in celebrating the birth and life of our beloved Country Kenya and Devolution as an outcome of freedom.

Thank you and God bless you.