Message from H.E Hon Patrick Khaemba

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The office of the Governor provides  overall leadership, policy direction and administration in the management of the  county’s development agenda. The County Government of Trans Nzoia came into place on the background of various challenges among them high poverty levels, unemployment, poor infrastructural network, insolvent municipal and county councils, among others. These are serious challenges despite the fact that the county is Kenya’s bread basket.

It is on the basis of these challenges that my administration has modeled its agenda for the county. Our  mission as a government is to reverse these challenges. In this regard, therefore, we have deliberately purposed to reduce poverty by 50%, increase youth employment by 50% and increase land productivity by 50% over the next five years.

Our main focus since the inception of the county government has been improving  infrastructural facilities in the county for  business growth. Besides, we have initiated several water projects that will increase access to water for both domestic and industrial use.

To improve agricultural productivity my government procured and distributed Mavuno fertilizers at a subsidised cost. This was meant to address the problem of acidity that has seen our agricultural productivity decline over the years. We have also embarked on an aggressive diversification program that will see our farmers reduce their over-reliance on mono-cropping to embrace other agricultural ventures so as to help them spread the risks involved in farming and also to diversify their sources of income. Several other activities in the sector have been initiated, and will continue to be improved so as to further increase productivity. This, we hope, will help address the challenges of unemployment and high poverty levels.

To help provide the much needed skilled labour for the envisioned industrial development, my government has given unprecedented attention to the education sector. We have started the process of acquiring land that will be used for setting up of a technical university in collaboration with the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

We are also addressing several challenges that hinder development of trading activities in the county. We are therefore constructing several fresh produce markets. Further we shall be constructing a modern market within  Kitale town. We are also addressing the challenges associated with access to finance, especially SMEs, and in this regard therefore, we have set up the Nawiri Fund for the SMEs, the youth and women.

These are just but some of the key areas that my government has started addressing, and will improve on.
The challenges may be many, but I trust that as a team, and as honourable residents of this county, we shall surmount them.

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