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It is with great pleasure and honour for me to stand before you during this momentous occasion, during which I shall provide a broad overview of the planned the TRANS NZOIA INVESTMENT CONFERENCE AND EXPO 2016 (TICE 2016).
The Trans Nzoia Government is hosting its inaugural an international Investment Conference dubbed: TRANS NZOIA INVESTMENT CONFERENCE AND EXPO 2016 (TICE 2016) from 16th -18th March 2016, whose theme is “unlocking investment potential in Kenya’s Bread Basket”. The main objective of the conference is to position Trans Nzoia as the most preferred investment and tourist destination in the region and indeed transform the notion: Trans Nzoia is an agri-based county

This event marks a new dawn in the development of Trans Nzoia County as it opens the doors that will unlock the county’s resource base and development potential with the aim of turning this County into a World-Class Investment Hub.
The purpose of the meeting it to make a case for investors in this room to consider, in addition to participating in the conference as delegates and exhibitors, you sponsor the event so that you make it a success.
As a government we have spent the last three years in laying a strong foundation upon which firm structures, develop policies and mobilization of our people towards development shall ensure Trans Nzoia County has “taken off” as economists put it, and our economy is now ripe for investments.

Ladies and gentlemen;
Specifically, the investment conference and Expo aims to:

• Showcase the County’s natural resources which if harnessed will spur Investments in the various sectors including Tourism, Trade and industry among others;
• Showcase the profiled investment projects, trade and tourist products in line with Vision 2030 identifying the investment gaps for the private sector to move in;
• Share information on market/feasibility studies, and the recommendations arising thereon in various sectors;
• Launch the Invest Trans Nzoia Brand
• Discuss issues geared towards creation of a conducive investment, business and regulatory environment in the county ; and
• Create partnerships, signing of investment deals/ expression of interest among others.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Many people including you present and my close associates are asking themselves why show the County’s investment potential now?
1. World renowned Economists has held that growth is a process through which an economy’s dependence translates from agrarian society to the industrial age and finally to service sector. But this more less envisaged smooth transition a cross the sectors has not materialist despite the growth registered in the agricultural sector not only in the County but nationally and indeed the African Content hence the need to give the process a renewed push.
2. We seek not a leadership platform but rather one of servant leadership coupled with proactive response to the citizenry including reducing poverty; creating job opportunities and enhancing land productivity.

To achieve the above, we must develop and implement strategic interventions aimed at increasing agricultural yields, creating a conducive investment environment and facilitating commercial and industrial expansion.

As I speak now, many potential investors watching will ask the why Trans Nzoia? My answer is;-
• Favorable weather and climate that is conducive to business in agriculture
• Abundant resources in agriculture, livestock, land, water sources, mining, wildlife and tourism that support investments and industrial growth.
• Strategic location of the Trans Nzoia County making it a gateway to the Upper Rift Uganda and Southern Sudan offers unique business opportunities
• Reliable infrastructure including roads, railway (SGR) and air transport (air strip).
• ICT sector with huge potential including reliable Mobile and landline communication connectivity
• The county is networked with at least twelve Financial institutions (Banks, SACCOs, Micro Finance Institutions) including the latest mobile money transfer facilities
• Availability of business support institutions and agencies
• Huge market for finished products
• The infrastructural development of the Northern Corridor by the National Government involving the revival of the railway transport and the Eldoret- Kitale -Kapenguaria Road.
Specific investment opportunities in include:

• Rich agricultural including coffee and tea processing and packaging, Development of farm driers, Maize milling and Animal feeds processing plants, Tomatoes processing, storage and warehousing, Meat & fish processing/storage, Poultry hatcheries and Poultry breeders stock.
• Diverse Tourism Sector including hotels and camps, high altitude sports training facilities, Amusement parks, catering School, Conference halls, Golf resorts and Establishment of tour guides and travelling agencies.
• In Infrastructural Development, the investment opportunities include; Roads construction and maintenance, Aviation industry, Pipeline services, and Railway transport.
Existing investment in the Water sector include; Construction of water supply infrastructure, Generation of hydro-electric, Irrigation opportunities, Exploration of ground water sources, Ecotourism and Recycling of solid waste.
The Commercial sector has opportunities in Modern Wholesale and retail markets, Shopping malls, Consultancy services and Sub-contracting.
In the Social Sector, the investment opportunities include among others
specialised medical services, Medical training institutions, Medical supplies and equipments, primary and secondary schools, Middle level colleges and Private universities.
In Housing, the key investment opportunities include; Real estate and construction, Residential villas/town houses, Commercial Complex
Office Spaces, Shopping malls, Low cost housing, Residential apartments and Hostel accommodation
In ICT the key investment opportunities include; Software development centres, Technology service centres, Specialised & certified ICT training centres, ICT infrastructure rollout i.e Wi-Fi. and ICT & Technology device manufacturing/assembly plant.
In manufacturing the key investment opportunities includes; Fertilizer manufacturing, Agro machinery spare parts, Oil depot, Waste recycling and Electronic equipments and spares’
The full list of investment opportunities are on our Conference Website – and the official County website-
Ladies and Gentlemen
The conference shall present the opportunity to interact with potential investors, local/international partners, business and industrial experts.
In closing, I would like to reiterate my commitment and government’s commitment to the investment conference and the resulting investments thereof. We welcome you to participate in what promises to be a memorable and fruitful conference backed up with strategies and initiatives to ensure that the investment momentum arising from the conference is sustained.

Karibuni Trans Nzoia,

Thank you.