This sector is considered the panacea to the development of the county since it is significant in the development of the county. Some of the key achievements include;

Our targets is to diversify crop farming;- To that effect

  • 45,000 Plantlets of Tissue Culture Banana have been procured and 15,000 plantlets of tissue culture already delivered to farmers and efforts are under way to deliver additional 30,000 plantlets of tissue culture banana.
  • Five hardening nurseries for tissue culture banana have been established

Our target is to reduce the cost of fertilizer to the farmers;- Consequently

  • 29,959- bags of planting & 25,994 bags of top dressing Mavuno fertilizer distributed in 2014;
  • Cost of fertilizer for one acre declined from Ksh. 10,700 to Ksh. 6,350
  • Additional order of 36,000 bags of Mavuno fertilizer for planting to be distributed to farmers for the 2015 planting season.

Our target is to add Value to our farm produce;- Consequently

  • 10 milk coolers for the various dairy cooperatives have been delivered and installed.
  • Plans to modernize Machinjoni abattoir and construction of a modern chicken slaughter facility are in advanced stage.

Our target is to improve Livestock production as an alternative source of income:- to that effect,

  • 10 farmers groups with 800 farmers benefiting each receiving 10 does and one buck under the rabbit farming initiative.
  • Rehabilitation of 135 cattle dips as been undertaken countywide;
  • 10,000 litres of acaricides has been supplied to various dip management committees to enhance livestock disease control;
  • Under genetic improvement programme, a record 7000 farmers used A.I services in 2014
  • Milk production in litres increased from 90, 423,400 litres in 2013 to 105,508,360 litres in 2014

Our targets is to Promote Fish Farming as a business; Consequently; 

  • Number of Fish farmers as risen from 1515 in 2013 to 1629 in 2014
  • Numbers of fish ponds as increased from 1808 in 2013 to 1938 in 2014
  • Number of dams stocked with fish has increased from 8 to 10 in 2014
  • Efforts are also in place to construct fish cold storage facility and market outlet,
  • The tonnage of fish harvested has risen from 12,211 kilograms in 2013 to 13,504 kilograms in 2014