The sub sector is responsible for coordination and supervision of environmental matters. This mandate is being undertaken by the responsible ministry of the county government together with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). NEMA is a state agency established under the parliamentary Act of 1999 known as Environment Management and Coordination Act (EMCA 1999). Its key Mandate includes:- facilitate stakeholders’ participation and involvement, in environmental conservation and protection, organizing field days and other environmental events e.g. World Environmental Days (WED),Tree planting campaigns, Forest Day, Wetland day, Water Day e.t.c,  organize joint inspections and review of environmental reports with other sectors and agencies in the county, Enforcement of Environmental Laws and Regulations and conducting Environmental Education and Awareness.


The sub sector is responsible for  coordination and implementation of national water Policies including sessional policy papers,  water sector reforms,  provision of water, promote water harvesting and Storage, facilitate sustainable development and management of water resources enhance and build capacity for efficient service delivery in the Sector as well as resolve disputes within the Sector promptly


In the 2013/14 financial year, the County Government initiated several water projects, some of which were completed while others are still ongoing: Some of these projects include;

Kiminini, Birunda/Kiungani,SDA Kapsara, Endebess, Mt. Elgon-Kalaha-Khalwenge Water Projects, at a cost of Kshs.69.6 million once completed they will supply clean water to 88,500 beneficiaries.

There are also other projects whose works have already been procured awaiting commencement. These include; the several water kiosks at different locations of the County; purchase of water drilling equipment and several Tee connections at a total cost of Kshs.  64.42 Million. It is expected that when these projects are completed and operational, they will supply more than 28,500 additional persons with clean water. All of which will increase accessibility to clean water to over 54% of the county population.

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