Our target is to enhance access to portable clean water;- consequently

  • The county has acquired two water drilling rigs that will enable drilling of boreholes of areas not covered with other modes of water supply.
  • 20 hand dug wells and boreholes have either been rehabilitated or constructed across the county.
  • Completed construction of 14 springs in various parts of the county.
  • Kiminini distribution line covering a distance of 3 km has been rehabilitated.
  • Ngenge dam water supply has been rehabilitated.
  • Completion of the rehabilitation of the pump house for Kiminini Water Supply.
  • Several gravity water schemes key among include Mt.Elgon-Kalaha-Khalwenge for which pipeline is complete, 4 water kiosks constructed, 50m3 storage tank complete and construction of sediment tank 80% complete have been initiated.
  • Suam –orchard- Kapkoi gravity Scheme pipeline covering 6 km has been completed and the construction of water kiosk is ongoing.
  • Suwerwa gravity scheme project which included the construction of intake and a 2 km pipeline has been completed.
  • Other gravity water include Masaba,Jitahidi,Kachibora-Cherangany,Chepinyiny,Sibanga,munyaka,Toro,Biddi/Hilltop, and Kiboroa Saboti are at various levels of completion.
  • Tees Connections and pipeline extension for; Kiminini, Birunda Kiungani, Endebess Community water project, Kabolet tee, Chepkoiyo tee, Amagoro Kimoson and Wamuini B all of which are at various levels of completion ( with some already in use).
  • All the above water works are targeting 116,450 beneficiaries once completed.

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