Trans Nzoia County Celebrates New Enforcement Officers, Vows for Improved Service Delivery

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In a ceremony marking a new era for law and order in Trans Nzoia County, Governor George Natembeya today addressed 240 graduating enforcement officers and the public, outlining his administration’s commitment to revitalizing vital services.

Speaking at the Kitale ASK grounds, the Governor acknowledged past challenges faced by the enforcement directorate, including lack of training and manpower.

He highlighted his administration’s efforts to address these issues, boasting increased personnel and basic training for the new officers.

He further emphasized his commitment to fulfilling campaign promises outlined in his “Ukombozi Manifesto,” focusing on economic development, environmental protection, healthcare, and access to clean water.

Agriculture, the county’s economic mainstay, received specific attention. Governor Natembeya pledged a 10% increase in yields this season through free quality seeds and extension services.

He announced the distribution program’s launch on March 1st, encouraging small-scale farmers to participate.

Measures to combat post-harvest losses were also mentioned, including revamped agricultural mechanization services and seed drying facilities.

Recognizing the importance of the Cherengany Water Tower, Governor Natembeya highlighted partnerships with stakeholders like IFAD to bolster conservation efforts.

He announced the allocation of 2% of the county budget (KES 80 million) to strengthen local climate resilience and detailed the “FLLOCA” program, funded by the World Bank, to build community capacity in environmental safeguarding.

Expanding health insurance coverage was another key promise addressed. Governor Natembeya referenced the “one bag of maize” program, where over 600 residents received health insurance for their families in exchange for maize deposits.

He linked beneficiaries of the seed distribution program to this initiative, aiming to significantly improve coverage.

Finally, the Governor emphasized his commitment to providing safe and clean water for all residents, outlining plans to drill boreholes in every ward and encouraging rainwater harvesting methods.

The county Chief lauded the graduating officers, calling them “embodiments of hope” for a great future.

He emphasized the importance of discipline, hard work, and collaboration in achieving common goals and reiterated his commitment to making Trans Nzoia “great again.”

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