Governor Launches 800km Road Network Construction in County

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Governor George Natembeya has initiated the grading of 800 kilometers of road networks across the county. This project, which has been rolled out to take place in all the 25 wards, is projected to cost his administration Sh. 90 million.

The announcement was made at the Roads and Public Works headquarters on Tuesday, following the flagging off of heavy machinery that will be used for grading the roads.

The first phase of the project is estimated to cost approximately Sh. 20 million. A total of Ksh. 90 Million has been allocated for this initiative, which will be carried out solely by the department of roads to save costs and ensure a high level of workmanship.

Once completed, the road networks will significantly enhance access to cereal and livestock markets, schools, and health facilities. This development is expected to boost trade and facilitate the movement of people within this agriculturally rich county.

“Upon completion of the road construction, there will be remarkable accessibility,” said Natembeya. “The road networks, the construction of which we are launching from here, are key to an improved economy in this region. They will assist our farmers in transporting their produce to markets.”

The governor also issued a warning against the vandalism of machinery and urged those entrusted with overseeing the machinery to exercise utmost care.

He reiterated that the projects being implemented by his government aim to improve the lives of the people of Trans Nzoia.

Accompanying the governor were county officers, including County Secretary Mrs. Truphosa Amere, Members of the County Assembly led by Minority leader Hon Erick Mwangale, and local administration leaders.

The second phase of the road network is anticipated to address transportation issues in the County. The governor also seized the opportunity to challenge political leaders to concentrate on development projects rather than engaging in incessant politics.

“Health is a devolved function,” the governor stated, expressing concern over the National Government’s decision to withhold funds earmarked for the payment of Community Health promoters from the counties. “Denying counties the management of Community Health promoters is another act of hypocrisy.”

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