Empowering Trans Nzoia: Governor Natembeya’s Vision Unveiled in State of the County Address

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In a transformative State of the County address today, Governor George Natembeya highlighted the significant strides made under his administration in Trans Nzoia County. The Governor began by revisiting the challenges inherited 18 months ago, emphasizing the prevailing despair in the community. He stated, “We inherited a county whose residents had lost hope in the ability of the county government to champion their socio-economic development ambitions.”

However, his Ukombozi Campaign, launched on August 25, 2022, ushered in a new era with a ten-point agenda for sustained prosperity. Governor Natembeya reaffirmed his commitment, saying, “We made a solemn pledge to lead the charge to awaken and liberate the sleeping giant.”

Agricultural development took center stage with initiatives like free seed and fertilizer distribution, resulting in a remarkable increase in maize harvest. Livestock value chains were fortified, and the County Aggregation and Industrial Park, a KES. 500 million project, was initiated to foster value addition. Governor Natembeya emphasized, “We are committed to fostering value addition and economic growth through our Agricultural Mechanization Services and industrial initiatives.”

The cooperative movement flourished with over 500 registered cooperatives across sectors, contributing to employment and economic development. Natembeya stated, “The cooperative movement is vital in our quest for economic empowerment and community development.”

Governor Natembeya underscored the commitment to financial inclusion through the countywide registration of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) in all 25 wards. He added, “Financial inclusion is a cornerstone of our development agenda, and SACCOs play a crucial role in providing affordable financial services to our residents.”

In the education sector, the Governor acknowledged a deficit of 719 teachers in early childhood development (ECD) centers. Plans are underway to employ 133 teachers in the current fiscal year, replacing those who have left service. A substantial investment of KES 3 million in teaching and learning materials for ECD centers is planned. Governor Natembeya emphasized, “We are committed to enhancing the quality of education and ensuring adequate provision of materials for our ECD centers.”

Addressing health challenges, Governor Natembeya introduced innovative programs like the NateCare and BagMaize for Health Insurance initiatives. Plans for Universal Health Care through leveraging free seed distribution programs were announced. He stated, “Healthcare is a fundamental right, and we are committed to ensuring access to quality healthcare services for all our residents.”

In conclusion, Governor Natembeya emphasized the importance of preserving cultural heritage and traditions, as evidenced by the Sirekere Sya Festival. He concluded, “Our cultural diversity is our strength, and we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating our rich heritage.”

The commitment to gender equality, the Ukombozi Social Empowerment Programme, and comprehensive economic strategies ensure a promising future for Trans Nzoia County. Governor Natembeya reiterated, “We are determined to build a prosperous, inclusive, and resilient Trans Nzoia for all.”

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