Trans Nzoia Seeks Climate Action Funding at KFW Co-Financing Agreement

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Trans Nzoia County is seeking financial support for climate action initiatives through the KFW Co-Financing Locally Led Climate Action (FlloCA) program.

Samson Ojwang, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Water, Environment, and Climate Change, represented Governor George Natembeya at an intergovernmental participatory agreement meeting for the Lake Region Economic Block (LREB) counties today in Kisumu.

In his keynote address, Mr. Ojwang emphasized the importance of FlloCA programs for Trans Nzoia. 

He outlined several key priorities the county hopes to address with the funding, including Empowering women’s groups,rehabilitating wetlands,implementing afforestation projects,reducing poverty rates and finally, constructing 25 boreholes, one per ward

Mr. Ojwang further highlighted plans to utilize the funds for tree planting initiatives aimed at conserving Trans Nzoia’s crucial water towers, the Cherangany Hills and Mount Elgon.

He  reiterated Governor Natembeya’s administration’s commitment to supporting valuable partner-driven programs to ensure that Trans Nzoia residents benefit from the initiative.

The meeting, officially opened by Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury, Professor Njuguna Ndugu, focused on this year’s theme: “Transfer of Climate Resilient Technology under the FlloCA.”

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