Trans Nzoia County inaugurates Task Force to Form Public University

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The Trans Nzoia county administration inaugurated a taskforce today charged with establishing a public university within the county.

Captain Stanley Kirui, the County Executive Committee Member for Education, announced the initiative during an event held at the department of education offices. He stated that the taskforce’s objective is to ensure the university’s establishment within few years.

The university, according to Kirui, will play a critical role in elevating the county’s educational standing. He acknowledged residents’ long-standing pleas for a higher learning institution and highlighted Governor George Natembeya’s administration’s commitment to bringing a university to the county.

Kirui emphasized the numerous opportunities the university will bring, including job creation, economic stimulation, and improved educational standards within the county.

The taskforce, comprised of local professionals, has pledged to work tirelessly to achieve the university’s establishment. The members, as listed in Gazette Notice Number 7057 dated May 24, 2023, include prominent figures from academia such as Professor Masibo Lumala of Moi University , Prof. Batan Khaemba, Rose Mambili, Prof. Caleb Elungat, Prof. Mathews Bulitia, and educationist Eliud Wakasiaka ,Mr.Chemche Hosea and Dr. Hellen Yego.

The taskforce’s mandate includes proposing a name for the university, selecting a suitable location, and defining its academic focus. Additionally, they will develop a vision, mission, and strategic framework for the university.

Professor Lumala, a member of the taskforce, emphasized the urgency of establishing a university in Trans Nzoia. He pointed out that neighboring counties already possess universities, and Trans Nzoia is lagging behind in this aspect of development.

“We firmly believe that Trans Nzoia has the potential to establish a world-class university,” Professor Lumala said. “The establishment of universities in other counties has demonstrably accelerated development. We envision a university that caters to the needs of the people of Trans Nzoia, providing affordable education, generating employment opportunities, and stimulating local businesses.”

Professor Lumala emphasized the university’s focus on addressing practical solutions for the county’s needs through the use of artificial intelligence, technology, and innovation. He highlighted the intention to design courses that directly benefit the county’s agricultural sector.

“Our vision is for a university of the future, not one rooted in the past,” he concluded. “We aim to establish a university that addresses contemporary challenges and offers practical solutions through technology, artificial intelligence, and innovation. We are committed to ensuring our courses are practical and directly engage with local farmers to improve agricultural productivity.”

The event was also attended by the Trans Nzoia County Education Chief Officer, Ashton Mulupi, and the Director of Human Resources at the Department, Emmanuel Makhanu.

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