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Workers at Trans Nzoia County have been encouraged to embrace the planned signing of performance contracts positively.

Ndinyo Wanyonyi, head of the program, said the initiative is important as it aims at improving service delivery.

Ndinyo made the sentiments during the ongoing training for county staff on performance management on Friday at Town hall in Kitale.

The training involved senior government officials from departments of Water, Education, Gender, and Sports.

Ndinyo called upon the need for all processes to converge into a unified form of delivery.

He stressed the goal of maintaining the county’s status as a leader in performance.

“All processes must converge into one form of delivery,at the end of the day,we have to maintain number one status”Ndinyo said.

Governor George Natembeya has implemented mechanisms for cultural change in the workplace, with performance contracts being one of them.

He believes that this will enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

Imeldah Agoi, HRM Director, explained that chief officers have been given delegated functions to identify and appoint officers to act in vacant positions within their departments.

“If there is a vacancy,chief officers in the departments have mandates to appoint officers in acting capacity,notify PSM and the public service board”said Agoi who was responding to questions from participants.

She assured participants that promotions and career stagnation will soon be addressed, encouraging staff to pursue training and further education to compete for higher positions.

“Promotions will come soon.stagnation at one job group will be a thing of the past”added Agoi.

Samuel Ereng, Director at GDU, observed that some staff are assigned duties and responsibilities that do not align with their roles.

“If you were hired as a driver then a long the way you take the responsibility of a clerk,just know that you will be appraised as a driver,we really need to address such an issue”said Ereng.

He said it is important to address such issues, reminding workers that their performance should align with the county’s mission, vision, and the governor’s agenda.

Among those who attended the training were CECs chanelle Kittony (Gender and Sports), Sam Ojwang (Water), Gender Chief Officer Jane Wachwenge (Education), Directors Dr. Wachilonga (Gender), Fred Ndubi (Enforcement), Peter Omonya (ECDE), Eliud Lusweti (VTCs), and Dr. Kapchanga Martin (Enforcement).

Other facilitators included Phoebe Buchunju (Governance) and Lawrence Kirui (ICT).

The GDU and Public Service Management are conducting training on performance management for all departments at the County Government of Trans Nzoia.

The training covers topics such as the rationale behind performance management, the framework involved, its components, and the implementation of performance contracts within the county’s public service.

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