Trans Nzoia County Calls for Leniency in Land Evictions, Pledges Justice.

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Janerose Nasimiyu Mutama, the County Executive Committee Member (CEC) for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development in Trans Nzoia County, has called for a softer approach by law enforcement officers when dealing with land eviction orders.

Mutama made the remarks during a fact-finding mission in Kwanza sub-county’s Maridadi area. She highlighted the plight of residents who have allegedly been targeted by unscrupulous land dealers who manipulate enforcement officers and courts to harass unsuspecting landowners.

“Many farmers have been frustrated by land brokers in the area,” Mutama said. “We must stop the harassment of Trans Nzoia residents in the name of eviction orders.”

Mutama expressed concern for elderly residents who have lived on their land for decades. “These people cannot be humiliated by those with selfish interests taking advantage of their age,” she asserted.

The CEC also emphasized the need for better coordination between national and county governments on land matters.

“We serve the same people,” she stated, “There are no separate residents for national or county governments.” Mutama pointed out instances where eviction orders were executed without the knowledge of the county’s lands department.

She assured residents of Maridadi and surrounding areas that the county government, under Governor George Natembeya’s leadership, will ensure justice for the people of Trans Nzoia.

Mutama promised a thorough examination of affected farms and individuals before any action is taken.

“No stone will be left unturned when it comes to land matters,” she declared.

Mutama condemned the recent violence in Endebess sub-county’s Chepchoina farm, where two people died during a confrontation between police and residents. “No land is worth a person’s life,” she stated.

The CEC urged the police to refrain from using excessive force and advocated for out-of-court conflict resolution.

“This process has proven successful in achieving agreements without casualties, unlike what we’ve seen on many farms in the county,” she explained.

Mutama further warned against individuals impersonating county lands officials to defraud unsuspecting residents.

She urged law enforcement to apprehend these culprits and bring them to justice. The CEC advised the public to be wary of dealing with suspicious characters claiming to be lands officials and to seek guidance from her office for any land-related queries.

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