Trans Nzoia County Receives Cold Room Donation to Boost Healthcare Service Delivery.

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In a significant boost to healthcare service delivery in Trans Nzoia County, the Aga Khan group of hospitals, with funding from BMZ/KFW Germany, donated a cold room to the county’s department of health and sanitation services today.

The cold room will ensure the proper storage of temperature-sensitive vaccines, crucial for maintaining their efficacy and availability for use in immunization programs.

“This donation is a game-changer for our country’s healthcare system,” said Dr. Judith Simiyu, Trans Nzoia County Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation. “The cold room will serve as a central storage facility for all our vaccines, guaranteeing their availability at all primary healthcare facilities.”

Dr. Simiyu emphasized the critical role cold rooms play in preserving the quality and safety of vaccines and other vital medications. These meticulously designed units maintain consistent and controlled temperatures, preventing spoilage and ensuring the effectiveness of these life-saving resources.

“Cold rooms have had a dramatic impact on global health,” Dr. Simiyu noted. “By ensuring proper vaccine storage, they have significantly reduced the threat of once-widespread and deadly diseases.”

The Chief Officer highlighted the importance of efficient cold room utilization to sustain the benefits of vaccination programs among healthcare workers at primary healthcare facilities.

This new facility will cater to the entire county’s vaccine storage needs, ultimately strengthening immunization services across all primary healthcare centers.

“The availability of this cold room will significantly decrease the burden of infectious diseases in our county,” Dr. Simiyu said. “Vaccination not only protects individuals but also reduces healthcare costs for both patients and the healthcare system by preventing vaccine-preventable diseases.”

Dr. Simiyu concluded by expressing her gratitude to the Aga Khan group of hospitals and the German donors for their generous contribution. “This donation will significantly improve healthcare service delivery for the people of Trans Nzoia County,” she stated.

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