Trans Nzoia County Seeks Resolution in Mowlem Land Dispute.

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The Trans Nzoia County government has begun talks with various parties claiming ownership of a disputed 40-acre piece of land in Mowlem.

Janerose Mutama, the County Executive Committee Member (CEC) for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, held a baraza with residents currently occupying the land.

Mutama emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and initiating dialogue as the first steps toward resolving the land dispute.

Governor George Natembeya, according to Mutama, encourages residents to embrace alternative dispute resolution methods, as court cases can be lengthy and expensive.

The Lands department has already begun discussions with those claiming ownership, those who purchased the land, and those holding titles to reach an agreement on how to settle the land issue.

Mutama stated that the county government, under Governor Natembeya’s leadership, is collaborating with the National Government Administration (NGAO) and the judiciary to address the numerous land disputes plaguing the county.

The CECM urged residents to cooperate with the county government’s Lands department, the national government, and the judiciary to ensure a comprehensive resolution to all land matters in the county.

In addition to the talks, the Lands department also conducted a headcount of households residing on the Mowlem Farm to determine the number of families involved in the dispute.

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