Trans Nzoia Governor Praises Staff, Outlines Plans for Improved Working Conditions.

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Governor George Natembeya commended his county staff for their role in making him the top-ranked governor in the country during a staff meeting on Monday.

He credited their unwavering commitment to fulfilling the Ukombozi Promise.

The governor acknowledged the challenges he inherited, including a skewed system and difficulties delivering services. He highlighted the progress made in establishing structures and implementing reforms, culminating in a clear county development plan.

He recognized the challenges faced by staff that had to adapt to a new working model. He praised their efforts and acknowledged the “tears and sweat” shed during the transition period.

Governor Natembeya outlined plans to improve staff welfare. A flagship project, the construction of a new county headquarters, is underway to provide a more conducive working environment. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2025 and will serve as a one-stop shop for residents.

He also announced plans to address the situation of casual workers, many of whom have served for over a decade without benefits. The governor and his team are working on a plan to absorb them into permanent positions.

To address stagnation and promote transparency, a draft organizational structure and job descriptions have been created. This will ensure a clear path for promotion within the general staff cadre and merit-based promotion for senior management roles.

Recognizing the importance of professional development, the governor emphasized the need for proper training structures. He encouraged departments to budget for staff training to improve service delivery.

The governor also addressed the issue of drug and substance abuse among staff. He urged staff to report colleagues struggling with addiction so they can receive help. He committed to providing rehabilitation services for affected employees.

The county Chief announced the onboarding of dependents onto a new healthcare service provider, highlighting the importance of access to quality healthcare for all staff.

He acknowledged the importance of mental health and encouraged staff to seek help if struggling with stress, anxiety, or burnout.

The governor concluded by reminding staff of the importance of work-life balance and planning for their future after retirement.

He expressed his gratitude for the staff’s dedication and professionalism, recognizing their role in achieving his “revolutionary ten-point agenda” for the people of Trans Nzoia.

Governor Natembeya emphasized collaboration and perseverance in overcoming future challenges and fulfilling promises made to the people.

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