Trans Nzoia County Embarks on Major Road Improvement Initiative.

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Trans Nzoia County Embarks on Major Road Improvement Initiative

The Trans Nzoia County Government has launched a comprehensive inspection of road works throughout the county, marking a significant step towards improving transportation infrastructure.

Under the guidance of Samuel Ereng, Director of the Governor’s Delivery Unit, and Eng. Rachael Wangoi, the team has begun evaluating the progress made by contractors on various road projects.

The initiative is part of Governor George Natembeya’s commitment to making all county roads passable and accessible, as promised in his campaign manifesto.

“The inspection is crucial to ensure that the work aligns with our standards for quality and adherence to the bill of quantities,” stated Mr. Ereng. “Governor Natembeya’s vision is to facilitate the smooth transportation of goods and services, bringing them closer to our people and markets.”

The inspected road works include culvert installations, grading, bush clearing, gravelling, and gavel patching. Public works officials, including Clerk of Works Dismas Matifari, Chrispinaus Wakoli, and procurement officer Florence Owour, have been instrumental in overseeing these improvements.

Among the roads inspected are the 2-kilometer Lumuli Bikeke road in Sirende ward, the 3-kilometer Makutano-Chris Wamalwa road in Waitaluk ward, and several others across the county, totaling significant mileage in upgraded roads.

Eng. Wangoi emphasized the importance of quality, stating, “We are committed to ensuring that every road project meets the highest standards. The county will not tolerate subpar work, and contractors must deliver as per their agreements.”

The inspection team have expressed concern over high rate of roads encroachment in the wards that has so far been inspected calling for a collaborative effort between the local administration and the department of roads to stop further encroachments on to the road reserves.

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