Trans Nzoia County Road Inspections Ensure Quality and Timeliness Under Governor Natembeya’s Leadership.

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The Department of Roads and Public Works, in collaboration with the Governor’s Delivery Unit and the Procurement Department, continued its meticulous inspection of county government road projects in Kinyoro ward, Saboti Sub-County.

The inspection team, led by Director Samuel Ereng and County Engineer Rachael Wangoi, affirmed that the contractors’ work met the required standards.

“Under Governor George Natembeya’s able leadership, we are committed to maintaining high-quality work and standards that cannot be compromised,” Ereng stated.

With the end of the financial year approaching, the Director of the Governor’s Delivery Unit highlighted the team’s dedication to thorough inspections to ensure smooth contractor payments.

“We are burning the midnight oil to inspect the roads, which will facilitate the timely payment of contractors,” he added.

Despite recent heavy rains causing incomplete culvert installations, Eng. Wangoi urged contractors to resume work promptly once conditions improve.

She also emphasized the legal requirement for proper road work signage, warning that future projects lacking publicity boards would not be inspected.

“It’s alarming how our projects don’t have the publicity signs am calling upon all our clerks of works across the county to kindly notify all the contractors to install the publicity signs before the start of the road works” Eng. Wangoi said.

Ereng further stressed the importance of contractors being present on-site during inspections, noting that non-compliance with the communicated schedule could result in inspection delays.

The day’s inspections covered various projects, including the 2-kilometer road from Marambach market to Kitalale Preparatory Academy and the 3-kilometer Berur bridge to Cheptumbelio Secondary School road.

The team also reviewed bush clearing activities and required contract documentation for payment schedules.

The inspected works encompassed culvert installations, grading, bush clearing, graveling, and gravel patching, ensuring the county’s infrastructure meets the community’s needs and expectations.

The inspection committee also includes Chrispinus Wakoli, Clerk of Works for Saboti Sub County, Jeniffer Kirari, Director of Communication, Florence Oduor from Procurement, and Eng.Rodgers Simiyu from the Department of Roads and Public Works, all working together to oversee the progress and quality of the road works.

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