Land Dispute in Mowlem Resolved Through Dialogue.

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A decades-long land dispute in Mowlem, involving two factions and a 40-acre piece of land, has taken a positive turn following a directive from Governor George Natembeya.

The County Executive Committee (CEC) for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, led by Jane Rose Mutama, and Chief Officer Omari Ndiema, held a meeting with the disputing parties at the county headquarters. The meeting resulted in an agreement on the way forward to resolve the land issue.

The two teams, who have been in a tussle over the land for decades, have agreed on a plan to ensure that all members of the 67 households currently living on the disputed land benefit. The CEC for Lands expressed optimism about the ongoing talks between the two factions, stating that they have already shown positive results.

Mutama attributed the resolution of many unresolved land cases in the county to dialogue. She believes that most of them can be resolved without resorting to court proceedings, which often take a long time to handle land matters.

Governor Natembeya’s manifesto on the lands department is to ensure the use of all possible means, including out-of-court settlements, to resolve all land matters in the county as quickly as possible. This is to ensure that landowners receive their land ownership documents, or title deeds.

Chief Officer Ndiema thanked the two groups for showing commitment in the talks to resolve the matter once and for all. He added that this resolution would give them a chance to develop and make lifetime investments in farming.

The land dispute in Mowlem has resulted in the loss of many lives over the years due to the land ownership row. This agreement marks a significant step towards lasting peace and development in the area.

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