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Residents of Trans Nzoia have expressed satisfaction with the majority of services provided by the County government.

This is according to a report presented to Governor George Natembeya by County Peer Review Mechanism(CPRM) on Monday.

The report shows that the county excelled in nine out of 14 service areas, as outlined by Dr. Wanjiru Kamau, a Member of the Panel of Eminent Persons for CPRM.

These areas include public participation, ECDE, health, electricity, roads, agriculture, county law enforcement, environmental conservation, and vocational training centers.

However, the report also indicates areas where improvements are needed.

They are youth development, financial services, ICT services, water and sanitation, and the provision of decent and affordable housing.

Governor George Natembeya reiterated his administration’s commitment to serving the people of Trans Nzoia effectively.

He expressed concern over the allocation of resources for devolved functions.

He noted that while some functions were transferred, the necessary resources remained at the national level.

“Some individuals let the functions go but resources for these functions remain at the national level, but even with the little we have, we are trying,” said the governor.

“We are transparent and look forward to having these reports.”

The governor also voiced discomfort regarding the late monthly disbursements by the treasury, which makes it challenging to settle bills and leads to the accumulation of pending bills.

“Sometimes, you will experience the same treasury disbursing funds one or two weeks before the end of the financial year, which is not enough for us to spend the money. This is really challenging because such funds would return to the same treasury,” he explained.

Peter Kimemia, Director at Africa Peer Review Mechanism, who also visited the governor, suggested that during the upcoming summit, governors should highlight such challenges to ensure they are addressed.

County Secretary Truphosa Amere and PSM Chief Officer Philip Kapten were also present.

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